This is a shout-out to my badminton team at the Commission. (That’s right. I was a badminton coach at the European Commission) My badminton friends gave me a gift certificate for a kitesurfing store in Niumea and this is what I got: wetsuit, shoes, T-shirt and kitesurfing shorts. Again thank you so much for your thoughtful present. I miss you all very much.

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    1. Hello Carlota,
      Could you let everyone in our group know about my appreciation post. I do not have access to Ccommission’s outlook mail service.


      1. Cher Marjan, je suis contente que tout se soit bien passé avec le chèque-cadeau. Il ne te reste plus qu’à profiter de ton nouvel équipement! Je rentre à l’instant de notre deuxième session de badminon de l’année. Tout se passe bien, mais il y quand même un grand vide depuis que tu es parti. Bonne continuation, Sophie.


    1. I tried to visit the website, but it’s empty. I have an inkling of who you are, but why hide your identity? Helloooooo?????


  1. Zdravo Alenka,
    Se kaj igrasš badminton. Verjetno ne. Jaz samujem na barki in cakam boljse cajte. Popolnoma sem izgubil stik z mojo badmintonsko ekipo odkar nimam vec dostopa do Outlooka Komisije.
    Lep pozdrav


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