The Green Scam (continued)

A windmill farm also known as the birds’ graveyard

I had a rough night. This environmental thing would not leave me alone. Couldn’t get any shut-eye. This morning I put on my critical thinking cap and googled a little bit deeper to come up with my take on this environmental thing. My mind started buzzing with sexy environmental buzz words:

  • Zero carbon emission
  • Sustainable energy generation
  • Solar panel arrays
  • Off-shore wind farms
  • Clean energy ethanol

The folks at Sierra and Greenpeace keep using this environmental newspeak, so it’s got to be true, good for the planet, I thought. Fact is, there isn’t a single method of generating energy that’s environmentally sustainable. What happened to environmentalism? What happened to the dogma of green energy? What happened to sustainability?

(to be continued)

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