Swallowing My Anchor – Only for a Little While

Spalax 2 in prolonged quarantine

For obvious reasons the Spalax 2 world circumnavigation project has ground to a halt, calling it quits, throwing in the towel. Only for a while, though. A temporary setback, nothing more. Spalax 2 is currently tied to a mooring bouy in Numbo, New Caledonia, while Captain Marjan joined the hordes of land lubbers on the European continent to spend some quality time with his family and friends.

When the cyclone season rolls around in December in the South Pacific, Spalax 2 will be hauled out, put on the hard and securely tethered down to withstand the destructive winds of the Pacific cyclone season.

Spalax 2 at ease and at anchor in Noumea’s Port Moselle, New Caledonia

Hopefully, by April 2021 the virus situation will have improved to a point where it’ll be possible to kickstart the sailing adventure that is The Spalax 2 World Circumnavigation, and sail to Australia.

Even better news, you can join the crew of Spalax 2 on one of the legs of the circumnavigation. Just contact Captain Marjan at marjangolobic(a)gmail.com to get all the information you need.

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