The Captain on the Hard

The Spalax 2 world circumnavigation adventure may have been relegated to the back burner (for obvious reasons), but the Captain isn’t twiddling his thumbs, sitting on his laurels.

The Captain in full renovation regalia

He’s currently heavy-duty into real estate renovation, stripping the walls, knocking down the dropped ceilings, putting in a new kitchen and bathroom, and turning a tidy little profit when the rehabbed housing unit is sold.

In the meantime my good friend captain Thibaut sailed with his wife and two children, aged three months and three years, from New Caledonia to Tahiti. Beating against the prevailing trade winds, it took them forty days to reach their destination. They only stopped once at the remote Suwarrow Atoll to repair the mainsail.

Suwarrow Atoll

As for the Captain of Spalax 2, he is currently working on his itinerary for 2021 which will take Spalax 2 to some fascinating places in Indonesia.

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