Blue Water Sailing Course (continued)

Compass rose


1. Sailing basics

  • Sailing terminology
  • Hoisting, unfurling, furling, trimming sails
  • Tacking, jibing, reefing
  • Sailing knots
  • Steering, docking, anchoring, weighing anchor

2. Safety on board

  • Life jacket and harness
  • Life raft
  • Man overboard
  • Safety at night
Nautical chart

3. Navigation

  • GPS
  • Chart plotter
  • Visual navigation

4. Communication

  • VHF
  • Satellite telephone
  • Flag communication
Storing fresh fruit and vegetables

5. Blue Water Sailing

  • Provisioning and cooking
  • Night sailing
  • Watch keeping
  • Log book
  • Crew list
  • Clear in\out
  • Making landfall
  • Setting course
  • Route planning
  • Fishing
Wind generator

This is a strictly hands-on training course and the participants will be expected to at least try to master the skills of the course.

The next post will be the first installment of a detailed description of the second half of the circumnavigation from New Caledonia to Slovenia.

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