Spalax 2 Global Circumnavigation in 2022

Leg 8 – Langkawi, Malaysia, to Galle, Sri Lanka

  • Departure date: January 15
  • Distance: 1170 nm
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Heading: 270 degrees

The monsoon, which replaces the trade winds in the Indian Ocean, kicks in during the last two moths on the year, but it doesn’t get well established until mid-January, providing ideal sailing conditions for the boats opting for the northern route across the Indian Ocean.

The lighthouse of Galle

After a ten-day downwind run Spalax 2 will make landfall in the land of serendipity, a fascinating exotic island that goes by many names: Simhala, Taprobane, Helabima, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Serendip …

The magic of serendipity

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