New Caledonia Update

Covid-19 statistics for New Caledonia have been down to zero since early spring, so the New Caledonian government decided to reopen its borders on 1st November. Then, in mid-September, new cases of the virus spiked and the closure of borders was extended to the end of the year.

Rumors of my swallowing the anchor have been greatly exaggerated. The current Corona situation in New Caledonia simply means that my world circumnavigation project was put on hold until January. The good news is that, thanks to an intensive vaccination campaign, new cases of Covid-19 have been dropping rapidly and I should be able to resume my adventure early next year. 

Covid-19 incidence in New Caledonia

Spalax 2 is currently hibernating all alone in Numbo Bay near Noumea, patiently awaiting the return of her captain. Spalax 2 is a spacious Lagoon 400 catamaran, so you can join me in comfort on one of my adventures in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, the Red Sea … 

Just drop me a line at

Spalax 2 is a Lagoon 400 catamaran with four double cabins

The practitioners of the Slovene language can read all about my previous adventures by visiting Enavtika or check out my books here

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